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Heathrow Large – Premium Aluminum Suitcase

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MAGFAST Heathrow is family of super-light, ultra-strong, aluminum suitcases, including eCarry-On with the MAGFAST Extreme charger on board.

eCarry-On features the Safe Enclave™, which holds a MAGFAST Extreme™ power bank securely out of harm’s way, yet makes it instantly available for charging and removable for airport security. The snap-on Toughcover™ is available for even greater protection.

And when you’re done, Extreme stows securely in seconds with a single simple snap.

MAGFAST Extreme has all the power you need once you reach your destination and more than enough while you travel.

Easily get power IN via wireless (Qi), fast USB-C, older Micro-USB or MAGFAST's patented snap-to-charge system.

And there’s 11 (yes, eleven) ways to get your power out, including lots of the latest USB-C and Qi wireless charging, plus older USB-A and even a powerful 12v outlet... that can jump start your car.

All MAGFAST Heathrow suitcases come with our limited Lifetime Warranty. We’ll fix it or replace it at low or no cost depending what happened.

Three Sizes. Four Suitcases.

Heathrow eCarry-On - that's e for the Safe Enclave for MAGAST Extreme. A small suitcase. A portmanteau of power. Guaranteed to fit all major airlines overhead.

Heathrow Carry-On - the same size, without the charger. Both also guaranteed to fit all major airlines overhead.

Heathrow Medium - the perfect size for most trips for experienced packing strategists.

Heathrow Large - for longer trips or more ambitious wardrobes.

All featuring Heathrow's light-weight heavy-duty construction, superior interiors, spinner wheels, custom handles and lifetime warranty. Check them all out today.