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The remarkable new charger you want every day

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MAGFAST Life is the portable power bank you want to keep with you every day. Super-easy to keep charged – then even easier to use when your devices need a boost. USB-A, USB-C, the built-in cable and Qi Wireless charging.

Life feels great in your hand, and packs enough power for multiple charges of your phone.

MAGFAST Life is your everyday charger - the one you want with you right now, wherever you are.

Perfect in your pocket or purse, Life just feels great in your hand and packs plenty of power to boost your mobile devices.
It’s easy to keep ready-for-action, with four ways to get power in – and an astonishing five ways to get power out!

FOUR Ways to Get Power IN

Let’s be honest. A power bank with no charge is useless. You might as well carry around a brick.

So MAGFAST power banks are super-easy to charge and keep charged, with a remarkable four ways to get power in:

  • Place right on any Qi wireless charger
  • Plug in a USB-C cable
  • Or any Micro-USB cable
  • Snap magnetically & fast to every other MAGFAST charger

FIVE Ways to Get Power OUT

When it’s time to charge your devices, MAGFAST power banks all have multiple ways to get power out:

Qi Wireless Charging
The best new devices all charge wirelessly with Qi wireless and its built right in to all MAGFAST power banks. Just lay your phone right on Life for fast wireless charging.

The Magical MAGFAST Connection
Your fast, magnetic MAGFAST connection is awesome for getting power out as well as in. Snap on an accessory like MAGFAST Air and instantly you’ve got a stylish, powered, portable, Qi wireless charging stand.

And your MAGFAST magnetic connection is perfect for transferring a charge from one MAGFAST power bank to another. Just snap them together and immediately power starts to flow...

The Awesome Built-in Cable
The super-neat MAGFAST Mini-Cable that’s always there when you need it.

It flips out easily and snaps perfectly, magnetically back into place when not in use.

The cable with the USB-C tip comes included FREE with every power bank. USB-C’s the one you want for almost all modern devices and swaps in seconds with the available Lightning and Micro USB cables.

That awesome built-in cable actually plugs into our fast-charging USB-C outlet. Anytime you need a longer cable, just plug one right in!

‘A’, of course, is the trusted outlet you’ve used for years. Nestled neatly right on top is the USB outlet that fits so many of those cables you’ve gathered over time.

(MAGFAST Extreme has a sixth way to get power out, by the way. The incredible hi-amp, hi-intensity 12v supply that can jump start your car!)

MAGFAST Life is Part of our Family & included in every Pro Kit

The MAGFAST Family of chargers are all designed to work both individually and together for every part of your life:

  • MAGFAST Life – the portable power bank for everyday.
  • MAGFAST Extreme – awe-inspiring power, enough to jump start your car.
  • MAGFAST Road – USB outlets for everyone in your car and a flashlight so you're always ready on the road.
  • MAGFAST Air - snaps right on to every other MAGFAST charger or plugs in to make an instant wireless charging stand.
  • MAGFAST Wall – the awesome upgrade to the super-popular design, the perfect charging station for your kitchen, office or den.

Life, Extreme, Road, Air and TWO Walls, both with our Double-the-Power upgrade, are included in the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit. And finally:

  • MAGFAST Time – simply the best way to charge the world's most popular wearable: Apple® Watch

Overall MAGFAST Life – [shown-here-in-color-also-available] – is simply the perfect power bank you want with you every day.


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